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Every step to build, grow and scale your company, with detailed help, examples and references. Constantly enhanced with experiences from other startups.


Understand how other founders approached key work (e.g., idea validation, market sizing, hiring, customer acquisition) and why they chose that way.


Dialogue with subject matter experts in industries, domains, and functions to develop, refine, and validate your fact base, strategies, and tactics.
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Our members are highly incented to help you because doing so helps them. This is our system of mutual benefit.
So you get the right information, skills, people, opportunities, and connections when you need them.
As the ecosystem grows, its value grows
Given a large enough group, almost every problem is quickly characterized and the solution is obvious to someone.

Benefits for founders

  • Constructive input on your idea or select available ideas submitted to Capabuild
  • Know-how to advance your startup, continuosly improved by the community
  • Quality answers and insights from global members
  • Increased exposure and the accumulation of key followers
  • Access to top potential hires, vetted by the community
  • Additional non-VC options for capital

Benefits for practitioners
& freelancers

  • Demonstrate skills through suppport of the community
  • Build a comprehensive, verifiable reputation beyond ratings
  • Develop strong relationships with startups in this ecosystem
  • Inside track for hire or contract work with startups of interest to you
  • Increase knowledge on startup issues, needs, and modes of execution

Benefits for advisors

  • Filter on the types of startups you want to target
  • Amplification of your advice and its impact
  • Increase your reach globally
  • Enhance your reputation and visibility
  • Expand your network and market opportunities

Benefits for investors

  • Coarse to fine-grained global lead pipeline
  • Qualified candidates, screened by the Capabuild team
  • Customizable notifications of startup progress against key milestones
  • Demand generation opportunities
  • Scalable globally
"Thanks to Capabuild's help I now have a successful and growing business.
Thanks so much!"

- AnneMarie S, Founder
"Their tools are excellent. The support from Capabuild and the community is outstanding.
And the core product is free. Awesome!"

- Rodney O, Marketing Lead

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